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Welcome to Cooperative Auto Brokers. Be sure to visit our virtual showroom of inventory available for purchase. There you will see a picture gallery, as well as convenient ways to contact us for more information about that vehicle. We are located at 410 E John Sims Pkwy Suite E and are available by phone at 850-259-6422 . You can also get driving directions and hours of service from our user friendly website.

Y si, me hablo espanol!!

Yes, if the vehicle is listed, it’s available today!

Allow me to be very up front with you …

I'm Rob Harrington.

I am primarily a wholesaler, that sells mainly directly to dealerships in Florida and Georgia. I’ve been in this industry for about 37 years.

I sell to dealers mainly for the ease of doing business and guaranteed payment in full.

I’m 62 years old - so my time is very important to me, even more so than money.

I have very little overhead as a *Licensed, Bonded and Insured* Florida dealer.

My overhead is somewhere between 1/10th to 1/20th of the overhead of the typical independent dealership. (I sell one car and my overhead is paid for the month.)

My typical selling price is ranked in the the top percentage points of the BEST values for my vehicle in a 500 mile square radius - I can easily PROVE this sharing the professional industry technology I utilize and share with my limited number of buyers/clients.

Here’s what’s in it for YOU!

If you all want to save $1000’s and $1000’s of dollars, I simply am asking kindly for:

A) A quick *phone call* with the prospective buyer. If you are happy with the phone call, then,

B) A firm mutually agreed upon appointment time and place will be set.

C) Then a test drive/inspection of my vehicle(s) can be performed for your protection and confidence.

I’m limited to the amount of time and effort that I will spend trying to get a buyer/prospect to contact me initially, as I consider what I do for the consumers as really kind of more of a favor to YOU.

In other words if I feel the least bit used or disrespected by a prospect I will not try very hard anymore to deal with them, then they are most certainly welcome to pay thousands and thousands of dollars more on the comparable vehicle in the hell-scape wilderness of the current marketplace of limited inventory and all the junk that is out there in today’s market. After all, how’s you car search coming along so far???

In other words, no initial direct phone call with me, no further interaction. I’m not a pen-pal. I’m a serious, successful businessman.

I will, however, spend GENEROUS TIME with anybody if they will CALL ME DIRECTLY so we can discuss my ever changing inventory, and my unique business model and platform.

This is me being totally honest with everyone and totally up front and logical as to my process which benefits the buyer and myself.

I hope this is not offensive in any way and as only an instructive, honest approach to an otherwise difficult business for many consumers to navigate.

Again, let me know what information you seek with a *PHONE CALL.* A 5 minute phone call is better than a 30 minute (or days long) text-a-thon. It’s also better for the buyer to save US BOTH time, effort and money. I don’t do text-a-thons.

Thank you for initially reaching out to me. I do value people’s serious intentions of

- Buying a good car

- With lower than average miles

- That has clean title

- At the best possible (provable) price point to the “competition” who will never be able to mathematically (due to their dramatically higher overhead) to compete with me.

Call me at you earliest convenience. I will typically pick up or immediately call back and give YOU the professional courtesy and attention YOU deserve.

Thank you.

Rob Harrington

Owner/Cooperative Auto Brokers

850 259-6422

Rob Harrington, 37 years of experience! Dealer, Author, Speaker, Repair Shop Owner, Industry Consultant, Consumer Advocate.

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